Health Insurance Alabama

alabama health insurance

Health Insurance Alabama

The United Health Foundation’s rankings for 2011 revealed that Alabama’s overall health rank has fallen down from 46 to 45 as against last year. This does not indicate a very impressive picture about the health care scene of the state and the significance of a general healthy lifestyle among the citizens of Alabama.

While there have been some improvements in certain health care sectors, there needs to be more awareness created among the people about general health and wellness. Though it will help people greatly if they have Health insurance Alabama, it is still important to adapt healthy living habits.

Health Insurance Alabama: The Pros and Cons:

alabama health insurance Going by the statistics, there are a few areas where people of Alabama have shown a positive change. There is an overall decline in the binge drinking which is quite good considering the fact that too much alcohol consumption is also often deemed to cause criminal offenses.

There has been an increase noted in the immunizations which indicates a safer and healthier future. Public health funding has also increased which is again a good indication for the health of the state.

Obesity remains to be one of the biggest concerns for the citizens of Alabama. Increase in the prevalence of diabetes and in the number of smokers is also among the prime health concerns for the state.

It has also been noted that the percentage of uninsured people has increased making it important to improve awareness about the benefits of Health insurance Alabama among the general population.


• Decline in binge drinking from 11.4% to 10.4%.
• Increase in the public health funding from $ 107 per person to $ 116 per person.
• Increase in the percentage of immunized population.


• Increase in the number of obese people to 1.2 billion which is about 410,000 more than what the number was a decade ago.
• The number of diabetic people has almost doubled over the past decade with about 481,000 people affected with this disease.
• Increase in the number of smokers
• Increase in the number of uninsured people from 12.9% to 15.9%.

As Alabama ranks higher for determinants that it does for the outcomes, it is an indication that the overall health condition will soon improve. The importance on the Health insurance Alabama has to be however, instilled among the citizens in order to increase the percentage of insured people.

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