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A Brighter Day for Health Insurance Arkansas

Her natural beauty and friendly people make Arkansas one of America’s most inviting places to live in. It costs much less to live in Arkansas than many other states even though Arkansans, like the entire nation, still struggle to overcome the effects of the economic downturn.

There is a glimmer of hope because in the area of health insurance Arkansas just might be setting a positive example for the rest of the country.

Arkansas Health Care Challenges

• obesity rates up 71% the last 10 years
• nearly 25% of Arkansas adults use tobacco
• 21.5% with no health insurance Arkansas much higher than 17.5% national average
• high incidence of infectious disease
• poverty rate higher than national average including children in poverty

arkansas health insurance The picture seems grim and the challenges for improving health care monumental. There are however indications that the situation is improving. The number of children living in poverty is decreasing and government sponsored healthcare initiatives are making great strides in providing health insurance Arkansas residents need.

ARKIDS 1st is a Medicaid program set in place to provide health care coverage for thousands of children in Arkansas. ARKIDS 1st part A is a state-sponsored program designed to provide comprehensive health care coverage for children living in low-income families. ARKIDS 1st part B is a separate program providing lower-cost health insurance for children and families with higher incomes.

Healthcare is a serious and primary issue for the state of Arkansas. The government and the Arkansas Department of Human Services provide much-needed special health care programs for senior citizens and the Campaign for Healthier Babies.

These efforts substantially improved the health and quality of life for many Arkansas residents. Innovations in the way health insurance is billed and paid and participation in the Affordable Care Act portend a brighter future for healthcare for Arkansas citizens.

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