Health Insurance Indiana

indiana health insurance

With regards to health insurance Indiana is state that has many advantages and disadvantages. If you are an Indiana resident or you are hoping to become one, you’ll find that it is very important for you to think about some of the factors that go into making your insurance rate what they are.

Health Insurance Indiana: Statistics

indiana health insurance While Indiana has 20% of the population living in poverty, it is identical to that of the national rate. On the other hand, the median income of the average Indiana family is set at $46,156, which is almost $4,000 less than what the national average is.

People in Indiana spend slightly less money on health care per year than the national average. In addition, only 13% of the state is uninsured, compared to 16% of people in the country at large. Both the teen death rate and the infant mortality rate are lower than the national average, making it safer for children. In general, these statistics place Indiana as a better than average place to be when it comes to general health and prosperity, though they are not terribly far from the national averages.

Health Insurance Indiana: Weather

If you are looking at health insurance Indiana is a place where you have to think about the weather. It lies in the Midwestern part of the country, meaning that it has some of the most extreme weather fluctuations in the world. This means that in the span of one year, the temperatures can soar to above 100 degrees before dropping to sub-zero temperatures later on. Heat stroke and falling accidents from ice are an issue, as are traffic accidents that are caused by slick or treacherous roads.

For people looking at health insurance Indiana is a state which brings a lot to the table. Before you buy health insurance in this state, it is worth thinking about all the factors that make living there unique.

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