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iowa health insurance

There are many reasons why states want to get health statistics for their citizens. It is a good way to compare their health issues to other states, as well as showing health insurance Iowa companies what the situation is. These health stats are also relevant to anyone who wants to move to Iowa, as they will want to see where the state does well and where it is lagging behind. A quick look at the stats will show us the situation in Iowa.

Health Insurance Iowa: Stats

iowa health insurance – Iowa is third in high school graduation, which means many students go on to get good jobs and live comfortable lives. They are also third in poor mental health day. This means that they take mental health seriously, which is not always the case.

– In terms of poor physical health days, Iowa is fourth. That is another great statistic, because it means that everyone is taken care of and that their physical health is in control. For children in poverty, Iowa is fifth. That is a good stat and shows that most kids have a decent upbringing.

– In terms of occupational fatalities, Iowa is 40th and that is not a good statistic at all. For primary care physicians, it is 47th and that is another statistic that needs correcting. It means that there are not enough doctors for everyone to see a specialist on time. Companies and factories also need to be more careful so that people are not getting injured or killed at work.

Health Insurance Iowa: Conclusion

Iowa is 17th overall, down two spots from their 2010 statistic. The high risk pool program does play a part in health insurance Iowa. This means that for those who want health insurance, they must get checked out for a medical history in order to determine their premium.

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