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kansas health insurance

Health insurance Kansas is attempting to quell the increasing numbers of uninsured state residents. The numbers stand in contrast to the rest of America, where more individuals than ever have some form of health coverage. Despite qualifying as one of the healthiest states in the nation for 2012, Kansas suffers from a few healthcare challenges.

Health Insurance Kansas: Benefits

kansas health insurance Kansas boasts one of the lowest cost-of-living indexes in the nation. The state ranks 24th among the 25 healthiest states in America according to 2012 data collected by The Microsoft Network (MSN) Healthy Living. Contributing factors include:

• Minimal reports of binge drinking. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines this as consuming enough alcohol to raise the blood alcohol content (BAC) to 0.08 grams percent.

• According to health insurance Kansas, few newborns weigh 5.5 pounds or less at birth. Low birth weight contributes to future health issues including obesity.

• Approximately 85 percent of Kansas state residents graduate high school. Ongoing studies continue to link higher education to longer, healthier lives.

Health Insurance Kansas: Downsides

Minimal public health funding limits access to primary care doctors. Kansas also has the highest reports of workplace fatalities. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) documented 4,609 reported fatal events as of 2011.

Health Insurance Kansas: Reforms

2011 reforms made to health insurance Kansas allow parents to cover 20-somethings lacking employer-based coverage. The laws made healthcare affordable for financially stretched residents. Increased support to local health centers grants greater access to primary care physicians.

One of the healthiest states in America is working to create an improved healthcare system. Affordable healthcare and updated coverage improve on pre-existing aspects of life in the Sunflower State. Laws also ensure that health insurance Kansas cannot institute unfair premium increases.

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