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There are a few things that a state’s health statistics will impact. The first impact occurs on the citizens who live there. Everyone wants to live in a healthier state, which is why all states try to do all they can to improve in all areas. The second effect takes place on health insurance Michigan. When the health stats improve, health insurance Michigan will probably be available to more people at lower premiums. Let us look at the various health statistics of the state of Michigan to see where it is doing well and where it needs to improve.

michigan health insuranceHealth Insurance Michigan: Statistics

• Michigan was ranked 9th in immunization coverage. This means that everyone is covered well for preventable sicknesses and illnesses.

• For early prenatal care, Michigan was ranked 9th as well. This is great for mothers and those families who will go through the child birth process.

• There are four areas where Michigan is poor. Violent crime they are 40th and they are also 40th in public health funding. These need to be improved, particularly the public funding as that effects health insurance Michigan.

• Two more areas they are poor are obesity and cardiovascular deaths. They are 42nd in both and they are directly related to each other. Health awareness about food needs to be a priority for Michigan.

Michigan is the 30th healthiest state in the nation. It has gone up two places, but there is still a lot of improvement to be made. It needs to work the most on obesity and violent crime. These two factors are putting down Michigan as a healthy place to live in.

For health insurance Michigan, there are risk pools. This means that health insurance premiums will depend on individual applicants’ circumstances and their health. This is typical for a state that is not the healthiest in the country.

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