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montana health insurance

Montana is known for its beautiful scenery but for the people living there, making a decision with regards to healthcare may not be as clear cut as the lovely outdoors. The state is middle of the pack coming in at number 25 in overall health for its citizens. Here are some of the pros and cons for health insurance Montana:

montana health insurance Health Insurance Montana: Strengths

– Very low obesity, 6th lowest in the nation
– Low rate of diabetes, 7th lowest
– Ranks 14th lowest in need for cardiac care
– Clean air with the 9th lowest rate of air pollution in USA

Health Insurance Montana: Weaknesses

– Bad child immunization coverage, last at 50th place
– High rate of occupational injuries, 46th place per capita
– Higher percentage of smokers, 18.8% of adult population smokes
– Not enough physicians, 39th for number of doctors per capita

Health Insurance Montana: Conclusion

The clear picture for health insurance Montana is fairly average. It has challenges to work on that affect the insurance choices for people but also has some great strengths. Montana is very popular among outdoor enthusiasts and much of the state’s industries are related to more physically demanding activities which helps with the low rates of obesity and diabetes. The available wilderness is a dream for sportsmen and casual visitors to enjoy. Finding a choice for health insurance Montana is made easier by some of these strengths.

The challenges found in Montana are difficult but can be overcome with support from the state and awareness among the citizens. Most people won’t be affected by long term and it’s not likely to deter any new citizens from moving there. The problem with available physicians is particularly frustrating though as it may lead to overworking for doctors and a lack of available care for patients, sending them out of state.

Montana is a good place to live for healthy individuals although some needing more intensive care might need more options elsewhere. For those who want to enjoy clean air and a rural setting, there is no better place than Montana and making a health insurance decision will be fairly easy.

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