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health insurance new york info and stats

For health insurance New York and people who are looking to live in the state, here are some important factors to look at. These statistics will show where New York is doing well health wise and where the state needs to improve as a whole. This impacts health insurance New York, because it makes a difference to the number of illnesses and hospitalizations related to certain diseases. Here is a look at the stats and what they mean.

Health Insurance New York: Stats

health insurance new york info and stats – In terms of occupational fatalities, New York is 5th. This means that less injuries and deaths will occur at the work place. This is great, because it means that health insurance New York related to accidents will not be exercised that often.

– In terms of primary care physicians, New York is also ranked 5th. This indicates plenty of specialists and doctors for people to visit. It results in their true illness getting diagnosed quickly and this will help them get back to full health quicker.

– Premature death is another stat where New York is ranked well; it is 6th.

– The three situations where New York is doing badly are cardiovascular deaths, children in poverty, and immunization coverage.

Health Insurance New York: Conclusion

Overall, New York is the 18th best state in terms of health. It was 24th in 2010, which shows a great improvement in the past year or two. New Yorkers will be proud of this and they will want to get into the top 15 as soon as possible.

Getting health insurance in New York is not difficult. In fact, the health insurance premiums are standard. Everyone has guaranteed-issued insurance at the same premium no matter what their health is. This is incredible, because if they were in a risk-pool situation then insurance premiums would be much higher for a large part of the population.

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