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facts about health insurance south carolina

The Census Bureau estimates that over 4.7-million people call South Carolina “home.” Unfortunately, the state does not fare too well in the health rankings. South Carolina moved down a spot to 46th out of the 50 states in the 2012 “America’s Health Rankings.” A number of factors determine health insurance South Carolina premiums. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks associated with living in South Carolina.

Note: Stats and figures are provided by “America’s Health Rankings” from the United Health Foundation.

facts about health insurance south carolinaHealth Insurance South Carolina: Pros

The health insurance pros of South Carolina include:

• South Carolina is eighth in the nation when it comes to binge drinking.

• The “Palmetto State” is 24th in the country when it comes to preventable hospitalizations.

• South Carolina ranks 29th in the number of poor physical health days and 3th in the number of poor mental health days.

Health Insurance South Carolina: Cons

Some of the stats that factor into health insurance South Carolina premiums are alarming. The health insurance cons of South Carolina include:

• South Carolina is 42nd in the country in obesity.

• The state is 47th in the nation in High School graduation rate.

• When it comes to children in poverty, South Carolina is 48th.

• South Carolina is 46th in violent crime, 49th in diabetes, 47th in low birthweight, and 42nd in premature death.

• Of the 26 core measures in the rankings, South Carolina is 40th or higher in 11 categories.

Health Insurance South Carolina: Resources

There are a number of health insurance South Carolina resources available for those in need, including:

• South Carolina Department of Insurance

• South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

• Partners for Health Insurance

• South Carolina Health Voices

• South Carolina mental health resource guide

• Hands on Health South Carolina

• The National Coalition on Health Care’s information for South Carolina

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