State Health Insurance

Several factors go into determining what state health insurance plans and premiums costs. To learn more about these variables and to learn what you can expect to pay for state health insurance, click here.

Health Insurance South Dakota

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The Census Bureau estimates that just over 800-thousand people call South Dakota “home.” When it comes to the overall health rankings, South Dakota is near the middle of the road. After holding the 19th spot in 2011, South Dakota dropped to 27th out of the 50 states in the 2012 “America’s Health Rankings.” A number…


Health Insurance South Carolina

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The Census Bureau estimates that over 4.7-million people call South Carolina “home.” Unfortunately, the state does not fare too well in the health rankings. South Carolina moved down a spot to 46th out of the 50 states in the 2012 “America’s Health Rankings.” A number of factors determine health insurance South Carolina premiums. Here are…


Health Insurance Rhode Island

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The Census Bureau estimates that just over one million people call Rhode Island “home.” While it may be the smallest state based on size in the nation, Rhode Island ranks very well when it comes to the healthiest places to live. Rhode Island moved up three spots to 10th in the 2012 “America’s Health Rankings.”…


Health Insurance Pennsylvania

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The Census Bureau estimates that over 12.7-million people call the state of Pennsylvania “home.” Currently, it ranks in just about in the middle of the road when it comes to overall health statistics in the United States. Pennsylvania moved up a spot to 26th in the 2012 overall “America’s Health Rankings.” A number of factors…


Health Insurance Oregon

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Did you know that Oregon is one of the healthiest states in the country again this year? There are many reasons why people choose to live in Oregon, and their access to great health care, as well as lowered risk of health problems due to environmental factors are just a few that come to mind….


Health Insurance Oklahoma

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Health insurance Oklahoma has to offer is some of the best in the United States. Because of the standards that they keep their citizens up to when it comes to health, they generally have people become sick less, which in return means that health insurance is a little bit less than some other states. People…


Health Insurance Ohio

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Health Insurance Ohio Denying medical treatments due to lack of appropriate medical insurance plan is shockingly common; this problem affects even the residents of Ohio. Medical insurance is a must for every child, brother, spouse or a grandparent and health problems can occur at any stage of life, from childhood to old age. After all,…


Health Insurance North Dakota

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For most people, their health is one of the most important aspects of their lives. Knowing the health factors in your current area can help you better improve your health factors. North Dakota is currently the 12th healthiest state to live in according to the United Health Foundation. Why was it only ranked 12th? What…


Health Insurance North Carolina

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When looking at the health of North Carolina, it is important to see how it impacts citizens that are planning on living in the state. In addition, it shows how health insurance North Carolina is impacted by its health rankings. Let us look at the statistics and see where North Carolina is doing well and…