Health Insurance Mississippi

mississippi health insurance

If you are pondering health insurance Mississippi is a state that requires some careful consideration. Whether you are planning to move to Mississippi or you are already a resident, it is worth your while to think about both the challenges and the advantages to living in the state. For example, Mississippi is a state that…


Health Insurance Minnesota

minnesota health insurance

The state of Minnesota is ranked fifth among the 50 states in overall health of its residents for the year 2012. This is an improvement of one notch from last year’s ranking of sixth. This state continues to improve in most categories, including the ever important area of health insurance Minnesota residents need to have….


Health Insurance Michigan

michigan health insurance

There are a few things that a state’s health statistics will impact. The first impact occurs on the citizens who live there. Everyone wants to live in a healthier state, which is why all states try to do all they can to improve in all areas. The second effect takes place on health insurance Michigan….


Health Insurance Massachusetts

massachusetts health insurance

When it comes to health insurance Massachusetts is a state which takes its health very seriously. While the previous years have been rather rough for the residents of Massachusetts, the truth is that there are a number of factors which make living in the state fairly desirable in terms of health. Health Insurance Massachusetts: Benefits…


Health Insurance Maryland

maryland health insurance

The state of Maryland is in the top 50% of states in terms of being the healthiest to live in. According to the 2011 America’s Health Rankings, Maryland is #22 out of 50, which is one spot worse than 2010. One reason the “Old Line State” is considered a healthy state is because the health…


Health Insurance Maine

maine health insurance

Where you live can have a large impact on your health. Maine is a beautiful place to live, but it does have its ups and downs in terms of average health. As of 2012, Maine is the 9th healthiest state in the country according to the United Health Foundation. That is a great sign for…


Health Insurance Louisiana

louisiana health insurance

When you are looking at health insurance Louisiana is a state that offers a fair number of challenges as well as some advantages. In the first place, it is important to remember that the median annual income of someone living in the state is about 40,000 dollars, putting it at more than 10,000 dollars less…


Health Insurance Kentucky

kentucky health insurance

If you are thinking about living in Kentucky, or signing up for health insurance Kentucky in the state, there are some statistics that will appeal to you. These statistics show where Kentucky excels, and where there are problems, in terms of health and life related incidents and statistics. As with each state, Kentucky will be…


Health Insurance Kansas

kansas health insurance

Health insurance Kansas is attempting to quell the increasing numbers of uninsured state residents. The numbers stand in contrast to the rest of America, where more individuals than ever have some form of health coverage. Despite qualifying as one of the healthiest states in the nation for 2012, Kansas suffers from a few healthcare challenges….