AARP Health Insurance Reviews

AARP Health Insurance Reviews

AARP is one of the leading providers of insurance and other services to retired persons and senior citizens in the United States. Formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons, AARP operates under the motto “To serve, not to be served”. What AARP serves consumers over 50 is a wide range of services, including health, long-term, auto, home and life insurance. But how do AARP health insurance reviews feel about the company? Continue reading below of a closer look as well as how AARP health insurance reviews rank the company.

AARP Health Insurance Reviews: Available Plans

Via its website, AARP offers several health insurance options. These options include:

  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance – Supplemental hospital coverage designed to be a complement to existing insurance.
  • Dental Insurance – Coverage for families or individuals for common dental issues.
  • Medicare Plans
  • Vision Discounts
  • Prescription Discounts
  • Hearing Care Programs

AARP health insurance is designed to help individuals and families get access to medical care and with their overall costs. AARP notes that consumers will pay the entire insurance premium each month and employers will not make any contributions. Coverage is not guaranteed in some cases and eligibility limitations will vary.

AARP points out that group health insurance plans provide more value than individual plans, yet it’s better than having nothing at all. It is encouraged to speak with an AARP agent before making any decision regarding health insurance plans.

AARP Health Insurance Reviews: Rankings and Consumer Reviews

AARP health insurance reviews found on Consumer Affairs are overwhelmingly unfavorable. A total of 88% of respondents that left AARP health insurance reviews gave the company only one star on a five-star scale. In fact, 100% of the respondents that gave AARP health insurance reviews rated the company two stars or worse.

AARP’s health insurance plans were not listed in the rankings of the top health insurance providers in 2014.

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