Health Insurance California

california health insurance

Health Insurance California

Many people across the country care about the health insurance they receive when living in their state. Luckily, there are statistics available for each state that can help you decide on the health level of your state, and how that will effect your health insurance California. Here is some helpful information on California’s health stats.

California is great for the weather, fun and attractions. When it comes to its health though, it comes in at 24th most healthiest state in the country.

california health insurance What is Great About the Health Insurance California?

-Smoking has reduced every year. Although nearly 3.4 million adults still smoke, it has fall over 20 percent in the last decade.
-Low infant morality rate
-Big and high use of early prenatal care

What needs to improve and isn’t so great?

-Obesity has been on the rise. It has gone up to over 2 million in the past decade, and continues to grow.
-Diabetes has also risen in the past decade, and is growing in adults.
-Poverty is becoming more of an issue in California.
-Very high level of air pollution, mostly because it so highly populated
-High rate of uninsured population

California comes in second for smoking, 5th in infant mortality, 50th in air pollution, and 45th in lack of air population.

Obesity is most common in California among non Hispanic, white or black races. California also has hundreds of acts such as the Affordable Care Act: Immediate Benefits for California and California HealthCare Foundation. Although there are some risks in California with the high pollution rate, other things like smoking continues to go down which will then effect the pollution levels.

To get health insurance California, consider all of these important factors and how they will effect your health insurance in both short term and long term.

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