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kentucky health insurance

If you are thinking about living in Kentucky, or signing up for health insurance Kentucky in the state, there are some statistics that will appeal to you. These statistics show where Kentucky excels, and where there are problems, in terms of health and life related incidents and statistics. As with each state, Kentucky will be looking to improve on these stats as a whole, but this is where it is for now.

Health Insurance Kentucky Premiums and Contracts are Impacted by Some of These Stats:

kentucky health insurance – In terms of binge drinking, Kentucky is ranked 10th out of 50. This means that more people are less likely to get extremely drunk in this state as compared to others. This is good because it reduces hospitalizations with alcohol poisoning and liver diseases later in life.

– Violent crimes are another category where Kentucky is ranked 10th. This is a non-violent state, when you look at these stats. There are 40 other states where more crime takes place, which means that the low amount of injuries/deaths in violent crimes will also impact health insurance Kentucky.

– In terms of preventable hospitalizations, cancer deaths, smoking, poor mental health days and poor physical health days Kentucky is ranked 50th, 50th, 49th, 49th, and 49th, respectively. This is very poor, which means that long-term health is an issue. Health insurance comes into the play here, because people are more likely to use health insurance as they get older. Kentucky needs to do more to improve health awareness about smoking and about mental health.

Over the course of the year, Kentucky has gone from 44th to 43th overall in terms of healthy states. While it still means it is an unhealthy state, it is still an improvement. Kentucky will be hoping to move into the thirties at the end of 2013.

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