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maryland health insurance

The state of Maryland is in the top 50% of states in terms of being the healthiest to live in. According to the 2011 America’s Health Rankings, Maryland is #22 out of 50, which is one spot worse than 2010. One reason the “Old Line State” is considered a healthy state is because the health insurance Maryland offers is one of the best insurance coverage packages in the entire country.

Health Insurance Maryland: Benefits

maryland health insurance The health insurance Maryland offers its citizens allows all insured people to see primary care physicians at limited costs. These primary care physicians are ranked #2 in the country. This allows citizens to see a physician who is knowledgeable and has the background to help patients. This is a huge help for preventing health issues before they start. Also, Maryland is in the top 10 states for smoking. Obviously, this correlates to a healthy living environment and less smoking-related illnesses.

Health Insurance Maryland: Drawbacks

Maryland is near the bottom in the country in a few health-related categories, which is why its overall ranking is in the 20s. Air pollution in Maryland is ranked 40th in the country, which has negative effects on a citizen’s health. The poor air quality leads to many life-threatening diseases, as well as issues such as asthma for children. Maryland is also ranked 43rd in infant mortality, which is a major issue that the state is working to fix.

Health Insurance Maryland: Conclusion

For those living in the state, it is important to take advantage of the health insurance Maryland offers its citizens. Being properly covered will allow citizens to see the doctor more often for preventative care as well as help treat ongoing issues that may normally lead to more health issues for the individual. Get health insurance and get healthy!

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