Health Insurance New Mexico

health insurance new mexico

Health Insurance New Mexico: How Healthy is the State?

New Mexico as a state ranks in the bottom third of the 50 states as far as an overall healthy state to reside in; however, that ranking can be deceiving. New Mexico ranks 46th or below in residents with diabetes, deaths from cancer, and violent crime; however, a high ranking in binge drinking, and a need for immunization coverage for children must be the cause of the seemingly poor in general ranking.

Since 2010, any resident of New Mexico is offered temporary high risk insurance through federal channels.

health insurance new mexico • This will give coverage to those who are able to afford health insurance New Mexico, but have preexisting conditions that prevent private carriers from allowing coverage.

• This allows for employment changes and for residents to partake in self-employment opportunities without the risk of losing health insurance New Mexico.

• Residents are provided a huge benefit with this program and the private insurance companies doing business in the state of New Mexico must contribute to this fund in order to keep coverage intact.

Single payers have access to information and benefits of health insurance New Mexico through programs offered by:

• Health Action New Mexico

• Physicians National Health Program in New Mexico

• Immediate Benefits for New Mexico under The Affordable Care Act

Research of these options is necessary if group coverage is not available through an employer or other entity.

Government health insurance resources are also available to residents of New Mexico.

• New Mexikids offers free or affordable coverage depending on income for children under the age of 19
• Families can find information on coverage through the New Mexico Medical Assistance Division

New Mexico offers more than many states as far as health care options. Take time to become informed so you can make the best decision for you or your family.

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