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The Census Bureau estimates that just over 26-million people call the state of Texas “home.” When it comes to the overall health rankings, Texas is in the lower half of the list. However, Texas did move up two spots to 40th out of the 50 states in the 2012 “America’s Health Rankings.” A number of factors determine health insurance Texas premiums. The state ranks well in some categories, while it is near the bottom in some others. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks associated with living in Tennessee.

Note: Stats and figures are provided by “America’s Health Rankings” from the United Health Foundation.

health insurance texas statisticsHealth Insurance Texas: Pros

The health insurance pros of Texas include:

• Despite its massive population, Texas ranks 14th in the nation in smoking. Under 20 percent of the population smokes.

• The “Lone Star State” is 13th in the nation in deaths from cancer.

• Texas ranks 1th in the number of poor mental health days and 19th in the number of poor physical health days.

Health Insurance Texas: Cons

The health insurance cons of Texas include:

• Texas is the worst in the nation when it comes to the number of people who have health insurance. A total of 24% of Texas residents are not insured. Nevada ranks 49th at 22%

• In terms of obesity, Texas is 40th in the country.

• Texas is 48th in infectious disease, 47th when it comes to children in poverty, and 43rd when it comes to the number of primary care physicians that are available.

Health Insurance Texas: Resources

There are a number of health insurance Texas resources available for those in need, including:

• Texas Department of Insurance

• Texas Health Options

• Texas Medicaid Program

• Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program

• Texas Voice for Health Reform

• Health Care for All Texas

• Texas mental health resource guide

• The National Coalition on Health Care’s information for Texas

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