Health Insurance North Carolina

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When looking at the health of North Carolina, it is important to see how it impacts citizens that are planning on living in the state. In addition, it shows how health insurance North Carolina is impacted by its health rankings. Let us look at the statistics and see where North Carolina is doing well and…


Health Insurance New York

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For health insurance New York and people who are looking to live in the state, here are some important factors to look at. These statistics will show where New York is doing well health wise and where the state needs to improve as a whole. This impacts health insurance New York, because it makes a…


Health Insurance New Mexico

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Health Insurance New Mexico: How Healthy is the State? New Mexico as a state ranks in the bottom third of the 50 states as far as an overall healthy state to reside in; however, that ranking can be deceiving. New Mexico ranks 46th or below in residents with diabetes, deaths from cancer, and violent crime;…


Health Insurance New Jersey

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There are not many areas where New Jersey struggles in terms of health related factors. It is one of the healthiest states to live in compared to the other 50. However, there are still some areas where it can improve. These health statistics impact health insurance New Jersey, but they also are important for those…


Health Insurance New Hampshire

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New Hampshire has been for many years highly ranked as a healthy state to live in according to “America’s Health Rankings” by the UHF. This state continues to provide top of the line health insurance New Hampshire in all categories, which is a challenging effort. Some of the categories looked at by AHR include: •…


Health Insurance Nevada

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A goal for any state is to have healthy residents. However, with any state there are positives and negatives regarding overall health of residents. Nevada is no exception, ranking as the 42nd healthiest state in America. This is according to the 2012 “America’s Health Ranking” conducted by the United Health Foundation. When examining health insurance…


Health Insurance Nebraska

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Health is a widely debated topic around the United States. Every state has its own bright spots and shortcomings with respect to the health of its citizens. With the increase in obesity as well as a health care system which is currently in flux, many new health issues are arising and nobody knows who should…


Health Insurance Montana

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Montana is known for its beautiful scenery but for the people living there, making a decision with regards to healthcare may not be as clear cut as the lovely outdoors. The state is middle of the pack coming in at number 25 in overall health for its citizens. Here are some of the pros and…


Health Insurance Missouri

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Life in Missouri is a relatively healthy place to be in the world, but isn’t the healthiest place in the United States. Statistics has the state ranking in the top 15 states in certain health related categories and in the last 10 states in other categories. Programs such as the Affordable care act and risk…